• I have lost my user name/password. How can I get new ones?

    If you forget yout user name or password, call national phone service or email Marko Savela.
  • How can I get access to A-Laitenetti?

    The user name and password will be delivered to A-Test customer when asked. If you are already a customer, you can ask for user name and password by email from huolto@a-test.fi or by calling to our national service phone, +358 45 632 2020.

  • What is A-Laitenetti?

    A-Laitenetti is a workshop equipment management system for A-Test's customers. All the documentation regarding to calibration, inspection and maintenance of workshop equipment are stored there. In addition customer can also check equipment maintenance costs and latest schedules for calibrations, inspections and maintenance of equipments.

  • Where can I get A-Laitenetti instruction manual?

    The instruction manual for A-Laitenetti was send to users with user name and password, via email. You can ask for new instruction manual by email from huolto@a-test.fi.