Sustainable development

A-Test is your partner in every stage of your workshop equipment’s life-cycle

After you have purchased new equipment for your workshop, you can order installation for the device easily through our nation wide service phone. A-Test provides also training for employees on using the new device. By training your employees you can prevent in advance any problems caused by misuse and that way influence positively on the service lifetime of the device.

As contract customer you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your workshop equipment

A-Test takes care of calibration and inspection schedules, and with every visit manages your equipments calibration and inspection records and documents and keeps your device register up to date in A-Laitenetti. This way you can manage your equipment maintenance and its costs in real time and stay on top of things. 

At the end of workshop equipment’s life-cycle our experts help you make right decisions concerning the device and its renewal. There are different options and sometimes the most cost-effective result can be to repair the old device than to invest new one.

If you decide to dispose the old device, A-Test can dispose the device for you. With our partner network we can ensure that the device is re-cycled and parts are re-used in best possible way.

In respect to our living environment!