A-Test experts provide you with high-quality calibration services throughout Finland.

Our calibration equipment is checked at measurement laboratories, which ensures that we comply with ISO standard requirements with regard to the traceability of our calibrations.

In conjunction with the calibration, we will adjust the device provide accurate results whenever the device is equipped with an adjustment function. We always calibrate a measuring device before and after tuning, which means that you will have uninterrupted data about the state of your devices. This ensures the reliability of measurements and enables you to find the cause for any possible deviations or complaints.

Our calibration services include:

  • Vehicle lift inspections
  • Calibration of dial gauges, slide calibres, micrometres and multimeters
  • Calibration of brake fluid and coolant gauges
  • Calibration of exhaust gas analysers (4/5 gas analyser and smoke gauges)
  • Calibration of torque wrenches
  • Calibration of brake testers and brake calculation software
  • Calibration of shock absorber testers and test tracks
  • Calibration of liquid, air and tyre pressure gauges
  • Calibration of air-conditioning service equipment
  • Calibration of wheel balancing machines

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We service and repair all above device groups.

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