At the heart of automotive business

Car and automotive repair industry has been under pressure for several years. Requirements for special expertise grow more and more every year. Same applies as well to the car sales as to maintenance and repair. Technological development of vehicles is really fast.
Alongside with the development of cars, maintenance and measurement devices used at workshops are developed as well. Periodic maintenance, calibration and service of the workshop equipment require up-to-date knowledge of the device and its maintenance methods by the responsible actor. Contemporary know-how is needed in order to service the workshop's equipment effectively. This can only be achieved with regular and continuous training. The training is provided by the importer or manufacturer of the device in question.
At the best, workshop equipment maintenance is a service that customer doesn't really even notice. This is enabled with a centralised service, where all the workshop's equipment from all locations at the same workshop chain share the same service system. The periodic maintenances and services are all scheduled in advance with the workshop manager. This way the equipment maintenance is taken care without interfering workshop's daily routines and business processes.
As specified by the car manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, same applies to workshop equipment maintenance: the aim is to ensure the functioning of the device and a long service life. When the device then for some reason breaks down, the situation can cause a lot of trouble. Especially if the breakdown affects customer service at the workshop.
The variance of workshop equipment brands and the age of equipment is fairly broad in Finland. The availability of spare parts can in some cases turn out to be a challenge, this because import of older devices might cease. As a result the spare parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer abroad. In these cases delivery can last several days and i.e. for tyre workshops at the height of the peak season this is an eternity.
The best way to minimise unpleasant surprises is to take holistic approach on the equipment maintenance. This can be done when all the equipment, its maintenance history, documentation, measurement and condition ratings are all in one place, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. By operating this way the maintenance is done on time and according to manufacturer’s instructions.