A reliable partner is required to support vehicle repair shop and vehicle inspection business

The vehicle and inspection sector is on a track of continuous development. The operators must constantly develop their operations in the ever-changing environment of legislation and the customers’ service needs. The major trend now seems to be the chaining of businesses and a conglomeration of different service channels. What has not changed is, in my opinion, the need for high quality service and its measurement. You can say that everyone talks about quality and often the operators themselves believe that they are doing a job of high quality.

I say that without external quality assessments, this opinion is incorrect. The question therefore is how can the customer know whether the company is producing a service of high quality? Is the only way for the customers to obtain a quality assessment for the service themselves?

My view is that quality and quality management go hand in hand.  There are different views on the necessity of quality systems and the added value they may produce. My vote goes in favour of quality systems. Over time, the ISO 9001 quality system has developed into a tool that increasingly supports and develops the business and management.

It is often thought that the costs of quality systems and quality management should be directly reflected in additional sales. According to my experience, the basic premise for the quality system and operations of a high standard is thorough an analysis and internal development of one's own business. Following that, a functional map exists for the company’s operations, allowing the areas for development to be found and acted upon and the operations to be developed to produce the added business that was the original goal.

In repair and inspection equipment maintenance work, a transparent customer process of high quality will create clear added value for the customer experience. In equipment maintenance, the annual periodic inspections and required repairs regarding occupational safety must be carried out with care and observing the correct repair methods. The lifting equipment inspection protocols must be produced in compliance with the legislation. In case of an accident, the employer is always primarily responsible for occupational safety. And when there are no accidents, everything is OK.

A-Test & Consulting Oy has developed its operations with the ISO 9001 quality system. Our development path has now advanced to the official certificate status.  In other words, we have carried out our own internal development and analysis of business operations.  Our work continues, and we want to develop our operations and our company together with our customers. 

When you are about to obtain equipment maintenance services, stop for a moment and think the matter through. You are about to acquire services that will affect the business and occupational safety. How can you ensure that the service provider is of high quality and responsible?

An ISO 9001 -certified professional at your service: A-Test & Consulting Oy.